3 Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Thinking About Their Ex 

We like reminiscing. Despite knowing it's pointless, we're eager to do it again during Moon sextile Neptune.

Moon-sextile Neptune keeps us preoccupied with the past. We don't mind since it's something to do, and we fill the gap with futile thoughts.

We may be stuck thinking about a loved one who left or stayed too long.

Mentality rules nowadays. No major regrets or desire to reconnect with'said' ex today. We're buried in thinking and consider it a temporary indulgence.

Our private joy comes from memory trips, thus we don't want to be detached from them.

1. Aries

Because you remember your ex when you're sad or confused, you're buzzing on her today. You want to blame them for lacking comprehension and effort.

2. Virgo

Virgo, you always think of your ex, which is interesting. Your 'click' moment has arrived. You've lost interest in your ex.

3. Aquarius

you may act like you're still in pain from your ex. This day could transform your life. You may think of your ex today, but you'll realize you don't have to act like you broke up yesterday.