Top 5  most introverted zodiac  signs

Dictionary defines introverts as "tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone. Introverts prefer small, intimate groups to large parties, think more than they speak, and recharge in solitude.


It might be shy and silent. They only associate with intimate friends and relatives. Their emotions are strong and rooted in their thinking as an air sign.


Pisces are pleasant, creative introverts pisces, a water sign, are perceptive and sensitive. Highly sensitive Pisces quickly lose energy in huge gatherings. Pisces is an introvert who enjoys alone or small, close groups.


As a fixed and earth sign, Taurus values stability and is unyielding but has a golden heart. They're introverts who dislike change and spontaneity. 


Scorpios are extreme introverts. They're exceedingly private and guard their feelings with their lives they prefer privacy and esteem their secrets as unwinnable they like being mysterious.


Secretive individuals prefer privacy and are adept at listening to others, but prefer a quiet environment. They are self-centered and prefer not to leave their comfort zone unless necessary.


Cancers are smart and friendly when needed. As introverts, they may only share information for their own gain and may not want to be seen as weak, thus they may keep to themselves to avoid judgement.

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