Top 5 most passionate zodiac signs 

I've never been able to settle myself down when I have stomach knots or a racing mind. If you're like me, you know that convincing yourself not to be nervous doesn't help.


Making pleasant decisions is hard for you. People typically observe you considering pros and disadvantages or questioning things. Your indecision makes it hard to avoid being flaky, but you don't think about it.


You want to constantly be there for your loved ones, but you realise that's impossible. Being a worrier and not being there for others 24/7 makes you self-critical and blame yourself for everything.


When you're anxious, you think others can help (they can't always). Pisces, your neurotic behaviour isn't always obvious like anxiety.


Libras avoid conflict too. That means you won't be present to fix your decision if it fails. You're too worried about the consequences to solve your concerns like an adult.


Cancer, your insecurity makes you hide your feelings. You hide your anxiousness as cautiousness or deliberation until you realise out that you have problems trusting yourself and others.

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