Top 5 zodiac signs of the most unfaithful women

Build healthy, faithful relationships by understanding relationship dynamics and compatibility. Infidelity is a possibility for the top 5 female zodiac signs. Being aware of their personality, behaviours, and relationship patterns helps us negotiate partnerships. 


Gemini women are restless and curious. They enjoy novelty and intellectual stimulation, which might cause relationship wandering. Dual personality and demand for mental stimulation may increase wandering.


Charm, confidence, and admiration characterise Leo women. They might be devoted lovers, but their desire for attention and approval can lead to adultery. Leo women love excitement and may seek approval outside of partnerships.


Sagittarius women are daring. Infidelity may increase due to their desire for independence and exploration. Their restlessness and enjoyment of new experiences may tempt individuals to seek new relationships outside of their existing ones.


Emotional and sympathetic Pisces women. Their passionate and idealistic character may lead individuals to seek emotional connections outside of relationships, despite their loyalty.


Aquarius women value independence. Intellectually oriented, they like unusual ideas and experiences. Their drive for freedom and new experiences can lead to infidelity. 

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