What Does Each Zodiac Sign Do in Love?


Aries is passionate and impulsive in love. Mars, the planet of activity and desire, guides Aries into romance with blazing passion. They take charge and pursue their loves boldly. The romantic connections of Aries are spontaneous because they want excitement and novelty.


Taurus, the loyal bull, shows patience and caring in love. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Taurus, who desires relationship stability. They value long-term emotional relationships and are loyal to their companions. Taurus slows down and enjoys every minute of love.


Gemini, the clever and adaptable twin, loves with wit and cleverness. Geminis want intellectual stimulation in partnerships because Mercury rules communication and intellect. They want companions who can keep up with their curiosity and enjoy spirited conversations.


Cancer, the caring crab, loves deeply. The Moon rules Cancer, which is sensitive to their own and others' emotions. They are deeply loving and put their loved ones first. For Cancer, a caring and supportive household is essential. 


The powerful and captivating lion Leo loves with lavish gestures and tenderness. Leos are passionate and confident romantics, ruled by the Sun, the planet of self-expression. They enjoy being adored by their spouses and often lead romance. 


Virgo, the realistic and analytical maiden, is deliberate in love. Mercury rules Virgos, who cherish communication and emotional honesty in partnerships. They carefully consider partners for practicality and common beliefs. 

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