What to Wear on New Year's Eve, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Because Aries are brave and passionate, they should wear a short, bright red dress that shows off their hot personality. They'll also be able to use their energy on the dance floor while having fun and celebrating the start of the new year.


A lot of people already know that Taurus, the Bull sign, is very into fashion and will want to look their best. This sign might be happy in a dress that is both sexy and classic, like one with a low cut, leather details, or slits in the thighs. It will make them look great and let them show off their best features.


Geminis are known for being fairy-like because they are air signs. So, for this year's party, they should channel their inner pixie and dress in something so poufy and full that even Tinker Bell would be envious. 


Cancers will feel better during the holidays because they are ruled by the Moon. This can come from what they wear to enjoy. While having a party with close friends, something shiny and bright will let them shine all night and be seen, which is something shy Cancers avoid.


Leos always go all out with their dress on New Year's Eve. The wild lion always wants to be the center of attention. That's why it makes sense for them to choose a dress with a low cut that is anything but modest. This way, they can let loose on the holiday.


For Virgos, the best looks are clean and simple, with a lot of style, grace, and beauty. This is even more reason why an earth sign will be drawn to a high-class, elegant, off-the-shoulder gown that is fancy enough for New Year's Eve and other fancy events after the party is over.

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