Workout You Hate Most, By Zodiac Sign


Cardinal fire sign Aries are wild. Mars, the planet of drive and determination, rules you, making it hard to sit still.This is why yoga has always been your least favorite exercise. The incense, deep breathing, and leisurely stretching are too much.


As a fixed earth sign controlled by Venus, the planet of beauty, you hate running in the heat. “This sign hates leaving the house, too, so going for a run — especially in the weather — sounds like a nightmare,” Garbis adds. Who will practise yoga at home? You.


Air signs love having fun, therefore Garbis thinks being stuck on a stair stepper is the worst. Without moving, putting one foot in front of the other feels cruel and odd. As a single workout, it's not ideal either.


Cancers are laid-back, therefore boxing or MMA are not for you, according to Garbis. Throwing punches when a personal trainer yells is little terrifying. Instead, Stardust recommends a single activity like swimming to unwind.


Leo, the zodiac's gregarious butterfly, hates at-home workouts. On-demand or YouTube content is hard to get into. Leos are fire signs, thus Garbis says you want to socialize, which is accurate during exercises. If your routine puts you in one spot, you'll be totally bored.


Virgos dislike fashionable workouts. As an understated earth sign, you're surprised by the unexpected popularity of rollerblading, hiking, and pickleball.You see workouts as a weekly necessity that advances your objective. 

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