You Should Eat This Pumpkin Dish Based on Your Zodiac Sign


People born under Aries are naturally optimistic. You dedicate 100% of your energy to anything from a huge job project to choosing a birthday card for a friend. As you race from assignment to project, you'll need a pumpkin meal you can bake in batches and eat on the fly.


Tauruses love luxury, but that doesn't imply you hate comfort food. You prefer calm and easy because of your earthy temperament. You're a homebody who likes routine and stability, so you might prefer a day-long recipe. 


Gemini, the twin sign, is dualistic. Your mood and company determine your personality. This makes you entertaining and outgoing, and your friends call you the social butterfly. Your perfect pumpkin meal combines sweet and savory with an unexpected twist. 


You're the ultimate nurturer, hosting family and friends and viewing food as love. If you're nostalgic, bake pumpkin bread, a simple and tasty dish that will remind you of grandparent's house holidays or cold nights before holiday break.


The PSL for pumpkin dish has to go to someone. Shouldn't the zodiac's trendsetter reflect such a famous drink? You have the enthusiasm and attitude to impress in the boardroom and happy hour, and you enjoy it.


Although you're a health nut, Virgo, you want to have fun. Nothing less than perfect will satisfy your discriminating eye. Doing things yourself is easier for a type-A person. Pumpkin hummus is healthful, tasty, distinctive, and versatile, so it's perfect for you.

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