Your End-of-Summer Nails Look, According to Your Zodiac Sign


This gorgeous red and white gingham print nail art will make Aries nostalgic for their youth and inspire them to have fun this summer. They'll remember how much they enjoyed summer breaks as kids and try to recreate that in the season.


Anyone who knows a Taurus knows that they are at heart romantics. Even more reason for them to paint their nails with the word "love," which is always true. It will not only make the Bull want to get back together with someone, but it will also bring them to someone new.


Gemini is associated with lemons and yellow. More motivation for Mercurials to wear this fantastic nail design. They'll create lemonade quickly and have the greatest summer ever.


Because Cancer season marks the beginning of summer, sensitive Cancers will want to begin the season with a fragrance that combines a stunning lavender base with vibrant pastel florals to set the tone.


Leos enjoy colorful claws. As one of the zodiac's most dramatic and bold signs, Their dazzling design will garner them the attention and affection they want when seen around town.


Although Virgo is ruled by dynamic Mercury, they are not thrill-seekers, thus they should wear classy nails. The earthy and practical sign should wear this large yet basic floral design on their nails now.

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