Zodiac sign-appropriate automobile color


Aries Moon sign people lead naturally. In everything their efforts, they show passion, courage, and confidence. It makes blue their lucky car color. If you're Aries, red, saffron, and yellow are also lucky. Additionally, you can keep a Hanuman idol or image in your car.


Both Taurus men and women are trustworthy. Taurus Moon sign locals are patient and realistic. For such people, white cars are lucky. You can also buy green cars. 


Gemini Moon sign people are fickle. However, they are natural and friendly. For Geminis, green and cream are lucky car colors. You can buy a grey or red car. With it, you must reconsider selling your previous car. 


Cancerians are determined and creative. These folks also decide. For Cancer, red and white are auspicious vehicle colors. Cancerians often have accidents. Therefore, you can buy yellow cars. To avoid bad luck, keep Lord Hanuman's idol in your car. 


Vedic astrology favors Leo Moon sign folks. Being a Leo means having self-confidence but also drama and tantrums. For Leo men and women, sleety grey is lucky. You can also paint your car red, saffron, yellow, or white. Keep the Gayatri psalm in your car for luck. 


Virgo Moon signs are realistic and hardworking. You are strong and humble, with an easygoing attitude. Thus, blue and white are Virgos' lucky vehicle colors. You can also choose green and grey. Remember to avoid red. Keeping Krishna's idol in the car is also beneficial. 

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