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07+ abandoned Theme Parks with Scary Ghosts

07+ abandoned Theme Parks with Scary Ghosts

07+ abandoned Theme Parks with Scary Ghosts: There’s a good chance you’ve been to at least one theme park in your life if you like roller coasters or like to be scared. But what would it take for you to go to an abandoned theme park? You wouldn’t be able to buy food or ride roller coasters, but it would be an experience you’ll never forget.

Not every abandoned park in this piece is visited by ghosts. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But they are sure to scare anyone who sees them with their creepy sights and scary stories. In fact, this article will take us through twelve old amusement parks where the screams have been replaced by a dull silence, the bright colors by a paleness that makes you feel uneasy, and the sense of comfort by a cold sense of dread.

So, relax and keep a pen and paper close by, because any of these places could be a good choice for your next trip.

07+ abandoned Theme Parks with Scary Ghosts

1. The Catskills Game Farm

There are a lot of closed sites in the Catskills. Rich New Yorkers used to go there all the time before cheap trips made other places more available. The Catskills Game Farm is one of the old parks that people can still go to.

At its peak, the Catskills Game Farm was home to about 2,000 animals. After that, it went into decline and was finally abandoned. But in 2012, it was brought back to life as a tourist draw. The old giraffe barn was turned into a small hotel. The whole area is now a high-end campground and hotel.

2. Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire in Virginia, which is close to Washington, D.C., is an old theme park that is now closed. It is called Virginia’s “Medieval Ghost Town” and is a copy of a medieval town in a theme park, complete with a pirate ship. The hot summer weather didn’t help, but the project didn’t work out, and the buildings and pirate ship were left to fall apart.

People are not allowed to go there because it is on private land just off of King’s Highway in Virginia. Even though it burned brightly, it was a very short-lived star. It was open only from 1996 to 1999.

3. River Country Water Park

River Country was Walt Disney’s first water park. It first opened in Orlando in 1976. At one time, the park was one of the best places to visit in Florida during the summer. But because no one went there, the park closed in 2001 and never opened again.

The site has been closed for 19 years, leaving many rides to fight against rust and plant growth. The park won’t stay empty forever, though. Earlier this year, it was reported that the land will be turned into a new nature-themed lodge that will be done by 2020. You should move quickly if you want to try your hand at discovering the scary mess before it’s too late.

4. Gulliver’s Kingdom Amusement Park

This unique theme park in Japan is in the shadow of Mount Fiji. It was built with ideas from the 18th-century book Gulliver’s Travels. The park is known for having a figure of Lemuel Gulliver, the main character in the book, that is 147 feet long and tied to the ground.

After only four years, the park closed in 2001 because not enough people went there. It’s likely that one of the reasons for closing the park is that it’s close to the Aokigahara Forest, which is known as Japan’s “suicide forest.”

Even though the building was torn down in 2007, the grounds still have strange structures that make people feel like they are not alone in the park.

5. Boblo Island

At the Boblo Island Amusement Park, it used to be normal to hear screams that sent chills down your spine. On the tall Space Needle ride, people would fly up and down, and on the Screamer, they would be thrown from side to side.

Today, though, all you can hear are the eerie sounds of the wind as it brushes against rusted metal. In fact, the only thing left at the old park on Bois Blanc Island are the pieces of rides that were left behind when it closed in 1993.

6. Williams Grove Amusement Park

The Williams Grove Amusement Park in Pennsylvania has been around for a long time. From 1850 to 2005, it was open. Even though it closed, the abandoned site is still full of old equipment. People thought the empty park was so scary that the owners chose to reopen it for one night only on Halloween 2016.

7. Dadipark

Dadipark was set up in Antwerp, Belgium, with the goal of giving families cheap and memorable adventures. One young boy’s memorable moment happened when he lost an arm while going on the Nautic Jet Ride. In 2002, the park closed because tourists were so angry. Among other things, they were worried about safety.

Today, the only things left at the abandoned park are broken equipment and a creepy vibe. Plans are said to be in the works to turn the park into a new place to play. But will any changes be enough to erase the terrible images of the past?

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