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Unknown Fact About ORDSALL HALL-A Haunted Place

Unknown Fact About ORDSALL HALL-A Haunted Place

Unknown Fact About ORDSALL HALL-A Haunted Place: White LadyOrdsall Hall has its fair share of hauntings, like other structures with an age of over 800 years. The White Lady is the most well-known spectre at Ordsall Hall. She has reportedly been seen carrying a candle as she moves through the Star Chamber and the hallways. Although there have been numerous theories about who the White Lady might have been in life, it is still unknown who she really was.

Some people say she’s Margaret Radclyffe, who passed away in 1599, just a few days after her brother, while others claim she’s Queen Elizabeth I’s maid of honour. There are rumours that the White Lady is the spirit of a betrayed bride who was abandoned to wait for her husband at the altar. She was so distraught that she allegedly jumped to her death from the Great Hall.

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She might also be Viviana Radclyffe, though. When he was hatching the Gunpowder Plot in Ordsall Hall, it’s thought that notorious Guy Fawkes fell in love with her. In 2004, the Hall served as the backdrop for a segment of the popular television show Most Haunted.

Sir John Radclyffe : Another past inhabitant who still haunts the Hall is Sir John Radclyffe. His ghost is known to have a soft spot for women and has made some rather audacious advances in the past.

Women frequently describe feeling unseen hands push them, caress their faces, and touch them in the star chamber.

Some Other Paranormal Reports:Paranormal researchers frequently describe a frightening presence in the attic, including pushing, unexpected temperature dips, and feelings of being watched.

When there are kids about or celebrations are happening, the spirit of a small girl named Cecily makes an appearance. She frequently has the pleasant fragrance of roses in the air.


The Hall’s earliest components date back to the fifteenth century. But there has been a house there for more than 800 years. ‘Ordeshala’, who is mentioned in documents from as early as 1177, contributed two marks as an aid, a feudal obligation, or a tax.

David de Hulton was the owner of the first Hall when it was constructed in 1251. The Radclyffe family acquired ownership of The Hall in 1335. But Sir John Radclyffe didn’t claim his inheritance until 1354. The manor had 120 acres of land, 12 acres of woods, and 12 acres of meadow as of 1351.

Sir John Radclyffe accompanied Edward III on a campaign in France in the 1340s. For his efforts, the King gave him a good prize and granted him permission to bring some Flemish weavers back to his farm. Because English weavers were once regarded as having subpar weaving abilities, he constructed them houses for them to live in and asked them to teach the local weavers. Sir Alexander Radclyffe, the High Sheriff of Lancashire, constructed the existing Hall in 1512.

The Hall remained in the Radclyffe family up until Sir Alexander ran into financial difficulties and the English Civil War started. Sir Alexander was imprisoned for his support of the Royalist cause, leaving his son and successor, John, in charge of the estate’s management until the financial strain compelled him to sell to Colonel John Birch in 1662.

In the late 1600s, the Hall was sold to the Leftwich, close to Northwich, Oldfield family. Later, in the early 1700s, John Stock purchased the Hall. Following Stock’s passing, his sons sold the Hall to Samuel Hill of Shenstone, Staffordshire. The Hall was given to Hill’s nephew, Samuel Egerton of Tatton, after Hill’s death two years later in 1758.


All year long, Ordsall Hall is accessible to the general public for free, offering a variety of sights and activities like guided tours, gardens, eateries, and more.

From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, it is open. Mon–Thu, and Sun, from 1pm–4pm. There are restrictions on the number of guests who can be in a room at once, but reservations are not required.

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