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Know Spookiest facts about Sallie House “A Demonic Haunting”

Know Spookiest facts about Sallie House A Demonic Haunting

Know Spookiest facts about Sallie House – A Demonic Haunting: Due to the sinister paranormal activity that continues to have an impact on people today, The Sallie House is regarded as a demonic haunting. In the little Kansas town of Atchison, the house is situated on a peaceful street.

The mansion has featured in numerous TV series over the years and attracted a large number of paranormal investigation teams, psychics, and just curious individuals. There are many myths about the home as well as many facts, both of which appear to perpetually feed the demonic infestation there. This website is an objective attempt to shed light on what might be haunting the house and influencing guests.

Finney’s First Scene

The Finneys were the ones who originally had the house built. After buying the house, Michael Finney moved in with his family and remained there until his death there in 1872. Over the course of the home’s history, a number of documented deaths and many inhabitants have taken place there.

Michael Finney-1872
Richard “Edwin”Finney-1874
William True- 1918
Agnes Finney True – 1939

History Of  This Haunted House 

Years’ 1822-1900

  1. Michael C. Finney was born in Fermoy, Ireland, in 1822. immigrated around the 1840s and briefly lived in New York.
  2. 1838 – Katherine Kathrens was born in Vermont in February of that year. Her family left Ireland and eventually settled in Kansas after brief stays in Canada, Vermont, Alabama, and Missouri.
  3. December 31, 1854 saw the union of Michael C. Finney and Katherine (Kate) Kathrens in Lexington, Missouri.
  4. James K. Finney was born in 1856 in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri.
  5. They moved to Atchison seven months later, in 1856. Note: M. C. Finney, a merchant who dealt in grain, fruit, and other goods, acted as the wharfmaster. lived in two rooms above a general merchandise business where they had a levy.
  6. Mamie (Maria) was born in 1858 on June 19. September 1859, age 15 months, death.
  7. Frank Barnes was born on October 28, 1859, in Cummingsville, Atchison County, Kansas, to Asa Barnes and Harriet Cook.
  8. Agnes Marie Finney was born in Atchison on October 30, 1861. Callsign Aggie.
  9. Johanna “Josie” Wright was born on February 16, 1863, in Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois, to James Henry Wright and Mary Ann Ahern.
  10. Charles C. Finney was born in Atchison on February 1, 1865.
  11. 1866 saw the purchase by Michael Finney of lots 9 and 10, the sites of the residences at 504 and 508 North Second Street.
  12. House erected at 508 N. 2nd Street in 1867. Agnes’ obituary states that MC constructed the home.
  13. 1872 – On September 27, 1872, at 10 o’clock at home, M. C. Finney passed away.
  14. 1873 – On May 25, 1873, Richard Edwin Finney was born
  15. On September 29, 1874, Richard Edwin Finney passed away.
  16. James Finney took a trip to the highlands in 1878, and he came back on September 16th.
  17. James K. Finney constructed 504 North 2nd Street in 1879.
    (Refers to 504 N. 2nd St.) 1879 – June 28, 1879
  18. James K. Finney is then granted ownership in Deed #53. James K. Finney has granted David A. Bond a mortgage in a deed.
  19. James Finney and his companion Andy Welte left Gunnison County, Colorado on June 2, 1880, with the intention of never going back to that “godforsaken” location.
    (Refers to 504 N. 2nd St.) 1881 – October 11, 1881
  20. Deed #57: James K. Finney granted Kate Finney the property.

Years’ 1900-2008

Many Mysterious and Paranormal Activity Happened in this Haunted House. All the people who lived here was mysteriously lost and dead.

Urban Legend of Sallie House

Shortly after the Pickman family began witnessing the Sallie House Haunting, a “legend” began to spread. One of the psychics who visited the Pickman’s’ home in an effort to help them is thought to be the source of the urban legend. Unfortunately, there is no historical evidence to support the claim that Sallie the girl ever resided in Atchison or passed away there from appendicitis.

Sallie, a six-year-old girl with acute appendicitis, was carried to the house where the village doctor, Charles Finney, lived and worked, according to the urban legend.

The young girl was only partially anesthetized due to the doctor’s “haste,” and as a result she awoke during operation in excruciating pain and terror before passing away from shock and blood loss. Some people now think that Sallie, who doesn’t appear to have ever been in any historical documents, haunts the house.

Sallie House paranormal activity

Numerous paranormal teams have reported seeing ghosts in the house, and former occupants have also reported seeing ghosts there.
Dark moving shadows, electronic voices, detectable increases in the electromagnetic field, temperature changes, equipment failure, light phenomena, olfactory phenomena, hair pulling, superficial to severe scratches, the appearance of strange substances on basement walls and floors, object manipulation, the sensation of being pushed, possession, and full-bodied apparitions are the most frequently reported activities.

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